Apple A10 CPU after the end of the competition can compete with Intel (video) rosstallanma

Apple A10 CPU over competitors to compete against Intel Tencent digital news (Jia He) Linley Group is a chip consulting firm, company director is Lin · Ge Wenna (Linley Gwennap), he is still "mobile chip report" (Mobile Chip Report) editor. On Thursday, the paper discussed the performance of Apple’s A10 Fusion processor, iPhone 7 is installed on the A10 processor. With the help of Chipworks chip dismantling experts, Ge Wen wrote an analysis report, he believes Apple’s Hurricane burst competitors, A10 embedded two kinds of CPU, Hurricane is one of the. Geekbench test with A10 and several other mobile phone processor, to complete some specific tasks, test results show that the upper hand A10. Ge Wenna said that if the single nuclear command to run faster, A10 Samsung Exynos 8890, Qualcomm Xiaolong 820, HUAWEI Kirin 955 processor. Samsung and HUAWEI chips in the implementation of multi-core tasks have the advantage, but in most applications, the role of the kernel is not much, because most applications can only use one or two cores. Apple CPU is divided into two kinds, one is Hurricane, and the other is Zephyr, which is smaller, lower energy consumption, compared with other processors, apple A10 larger size. The performance of the apple processor is not always the best, but the efficiency of each clock cycle is high because of the number of instructions per cycle in the apple processor. Interestingly, compared with the mainstream Intel X86 kernel, Apple’s new CPU better performance. Reported that the performance of A10 and Intel Skylake Core processor is basically the same. The difference is that Intel CPU power consumption and A10 different. Ge also said in the report: Apple’s CPU technology has been able to compete with Intel. In fact, the new Hurricane can be easily installed in products, such as MacBook Air, which uses a low-power Intel chip." The A10 processor performance Baqun apple iPhone7 source: Barrons recommendation: focus on digital Tencent (ID:qqdigi), WeChat official, take you to play through all kinds of cool new products, cutting-edge information, hand evaluation, video machines, engage in fun to play live, there are a variety of novelty method. OPPO new machine is not configured to rely on it? Why don’t you change your daily underpants? Samsung is strictly prohibited leaked Note 7 explosion video? The hammer conference site 10 thousand people attempted "kill"? The answers are all here.相关的主题文章: