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A short-term stock market is expected to start five repair screening 18 Cuosha Whitehorse shares Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my "reporter Mo Chi after a pre Lianyin after you, the first trading day after the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index both the rebound in stocks also ushered in the broad. In this regard, analysts said yesterday showed that after short-term shrinkage rebound after dressing, the market sell momentum has weakened, this week will probably rate gradually to repair the September 12th upward gap, under this background, the early market killing blue chip stocks Whitehorse is expected to become the main force of a rebound, it is worth close attention in the near future. According to the "Securities Daily" display Market Research Center statistics, although yesterday’s market to achieve a broad, but since September 9th 5 trading days, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city still has a total of 2130 stocks fell, the cumulative decline of more than 5% stocks reached 571. By further combing found that the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities a total of 18 stocks meet since September 9th, a total of more than 5% decline, an increase in reporting the results, three quarterly pre hi performance yesterday, outperforming the Shanghai Composite Index (or more than 0.77%) and achieve large net inflow of funds yesterday five conditions, the market outlook is expected to achieve better performance. Specifically, since September 9th, when the rise, the public and the shares of two stocks cumulative decline in more than 10%, respectively 10.89%, 10.58%, in addition, Cangzhou pearl, Gan Feng Li, Yongan pharmaceutical, Xinhua, xiuqiang, KELONG, Fu Jing technology biological cumulative decline is more than 6%. In fact, including new Beiyang, Xinhua, seven electronics, Ganfeng lithium, KELONG, bio xiuqiang, Yongan pharmaceutical, Yongtai technology, hall and other stocks yesterday has been relatively substantial rebound, rose more than 2%. The capital, these stocks have been the main market funds sought in yesterday’s rally, the total large net inflow of funds 175 million yuan, of which, Ganfeng lithium (50 million 978 thousand and 500 yuan), the public and the shares (16 million 494 thousand and 200 yuan), crystal Sheng Electrical (16 million 230 thousand yuan), Seven Star Electronics (14 million 356 thousand and 300 yuan), the new Northern (13 million 454 thousand and 500 yuan) and other 5 stocks yesterday largest single net inflow of funds of more than 10 million yuan, but analysts also said that the main concern of funds, showing the value of the investment of the white horse unit killed the wrong recognition of the market. The results, these 18 companies have achieved this year’s report and three quarterly notice the performance of double growth, among them, Ganfeng lithium (500%), Yongan Pharmaceutical (220%), Cangzhou Pearl (180%) (155%), Seven Star Electronics and other 4 companies three quarterly net profit is expected to achieve double growth, and new China, the public and the shares, purple Xin Pharmaceutical, health, health and other long Yuet sum letter 5 companies is expected to achieve net profit losses in the three quarter. The concept of plate, these stocks are Shenzhen small record stocks, the stocks of small plates 15, the gem has 3 stocks. SWS industry classification, the 18 main stock theory相关的主题文章: