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7 young QQ "sell" Apple mobile phone – half cheat about 1200000 Beijing Jingchu net news (correspondent Wang Zhongyi pay level, a group of young people on the Internet) to buy the high popularity of QQ, and the launch of low-cost sales of Apple mobile phone such as false advertising in the QQ space, the implementation of online fraud and illegal profits of more than 120 yuan. 9 days 22 days, Hubei Xiantao police news release, local police careful investigation, precise attack, take away the fraud Gang, 7 suspects were arrested on site. September 20th morning, Xiantao dry river police investigation clues, in a chain of hotels in the city, was arrested on suspicion of telecommunications network fraud suspects printed, Wu and other 7 people. According to the police, in May this year, the unemployed 22 year old India to defraud money, together with Wu and others in the online purchase of several popular QQ, began to release 148 yuan to 418 yuan price in the sale of Iphone mobile phone QQ space feedback "fans" advertising activities. Coupled with the online search to some apple phone photos on the Internet to create a sales hot atmosphere, and the actual use and no goods. My own QQ number is not popular, friends less, buy the QQ number has more than 1 thousand friends. At that time, I think there will always be a few people will believe that, after all, the people are not cheap." India suspect confessed, "as long as the users see the ads will be in our mind, even trap — will purchase money remitted to the designated account we through the Internet; to cheat users trust, we bought a fake delivery order sent to each other, and asked to pay 400 yuan for each mobile phone activation fee again; to purchase the mobile phone is a genuine grounds, need to pay 1000 yuan deposit refund." "They released mobile phone prices far below the market price, also claimed to be authentic licensed, and promised delivery immediately after the payment, the information is very attractive. Many Internet users to see the information, can not help but the temptation to contact cheap." Police investigators Wang Yonghong introduced at the scene seized 5 Apple laptop computer, non-stop QQ shrink head are consulting, purchase, payment and other information, which is showing a mailing address in Wuhan Zhang Hanyang for an apple mobile phone. So, is it possible to pay these costs will be able to get a favorite phone? After the success of fraud, the victim will be pulled into the blacklist from QQ friends." The suspect India said, these are deceived a lot of junior and senior high school students, young workers, because inexperienced, short of money, but want to have an apple mobile phone, will take the initiative to contact until being cheated. Some of the transfer payment of purchase price, there is no money to pay the activation code verification code and other expenses and deposit refund. Because of the amount of money is generally in the range of 100 yuan to more than $2000, after the Internet users are considered bad luck, rarely reported. It is understood that the 7 members of the largest group of 22 years old, the youngest of the age of 16, from the beginning of May this year, the crime, the victims all over the country, has more than 120 yuan of illegal profits, many suspects were used to enjoy the high consumption squandered. Currently, the case is being further processed. Police alert Q.相关的主题文章: