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Love is full of the Suqian police have uncovered large car rental fraud involving about 20000000 yuan recently, places Suqian city police cracked a large car rental fraud cases, involving more than 2000 yuan, involving fraud Gang 13, involving vehicles more than 100 vehicles, distributed in 13 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Currently, there are 16 suspects were prosecuted by the police. Every late night street, three car rammed foreign cars this year February 19th morning, Suqian City Public Security Bureau received together Henan police said, several people came to Suqian to find a car, a group of people were beaten, the car was scrapped. The police rushed to the site of the incident, a Henan license business car was parked on the roadside, vehicles are seriously damaged, the suspect driving a silver car is badly damaged. The police claimed that they contain three cars, they a line of four, there are two people suspected of being away, disappear without a trace. Four in the morning, the police found the other side of the canal at the victim of the other two. The beaten and frightened victims and bruised, see the police burst into tears, the police will be sent to the hospital for treatment of victims. Police investigation learned that the victim Wang in Henan, Zhengzhou operating a car rental company, a month ago, someone rented a white BMW 520 car, after the expiration of no return, car rental people also lost contact. Wang through the installation of GPRS in the car to find the whereabouts of the BMW car. Wang, who opened a business car, from Henan to Suqian, according to the location of the GPRS show, Wang and others came to a small area of Suqian underground parking lot. Wang and others in the search for the lost BMW, a group of people have been quietly staring at them. Monitor screen display area parking lot, the suspects will be a business car stuck in the garage exit, two other cars followed, Henan vehicle containment in the middle. Subsequently, the suspect got out of the car, came to the business license in front of Henan license, so that people get off the car. The suspects armed with throwing sticks, steel pipe, the people of Henan are afraid to get off, the suspects will axe steel smashed car glass in Henan. Henan vehicles rushed out from the cracks hard, the suspect drove to catch up. A few minutes later, the victim was again the suspect vehicle containment, some of the victims of the three wheel vehicle collision. Henan vehicle knocked scrapped, parked on the roadside, suspect a silver car was scrapped at the scene. The case destroyed a high-grade car "underground market" in the case of extremely bad social impact, after the incident, Suqian City, district two public security authorities quickly dispatched elite police task force set up. Previously, Sucheng District Gengche police station received a report that a black Mercedes sedan was sold to Suqian after the fraud of others, the loss of more than 30 yuan. Task force after 5 months of investigation found that in the presence of Peng, Lu, who led the acquisition of luxury cars underground criminal gangs in Suqian, and has formed a larger underground market. The underground market in Suqian as the center, radiation around. The suspects Pengmou, Lumou et al by WeChat to send information around the Car Buying, lured fraud Gang cheat car sold to Suqian, and then turn the vehicle sold in Shandong, Beijing, Heilongjiang and other places, in order to make a profit. Sucheng police according to the monitor screen and vehicle information, quickly locked the Lumou more than and 10 case相关的主题文章: