252 million years ago, the extinction of species caused millions of years of life (video) 驯龙高手dm456

252 million years before the extinction event leads to life for millions of years break earth 252 million years ago extinction events led to most of the terrestrial and marine biological extinct Tencent science news according to the British Daily Mail reported that 2.52 years ago the Permian Triassic extinction event in Earth’s history is the biggest disaster event, resulting in most of the land and the sea at present, scientists extinction, a new study shows that when the extinction event causing the earth’s extreme heat, lack of nutrients in the ocean, after millions of years of life difficult to survive. Scientists analyzed the Canadian high Arctic region, the region was a pan continental margin, after they found that the Permian Triassic extinction event nutrition evidence of vacancy. This is likely to be caused by a sudden rise in ocean temperatures, the ability to stop the production of food chains in the sea, delaying the recovery of marine life. 252 million years ago after the Permian Triassic extinction event, about 500-900 million years, marine life was gradually restored, the extinction event is also known as the "death", an estimated 96% marine species and 70% terrestrial creatures extinct. Gas hydrate, Arctic climate and Environment Center (CAGE) researchers Jochen Thicknesse (Jochen – Knies) said: "this extinction event is likely due to volcano eruption in the Siberia area caused by the volcano eruption, which lasted 1 million years, releasing large amounts of volatile substances, such as carbon dioxide and methane, which makes the earth become extremely hot." The study, published in a recent issue of the journal Geology, examined the geological history of the Arctic and found out why it took a long time for marine life to return to normal. The results show that the high temperature of the sea has lost a lot of nutrients and prevented the growth of algae. Because the seaweed is the bottom of the ocean food chain, eventually leading to marine life can not survive. Kenneth said: "pan, the northwest continental margin is the Canadian high Arctic region, we found the important geological evidence for this period of nutritional deficiency, which means that the global ocean nutrition seriously barren, for example: n. Marine conditions lead to high temperature thermocline and nutricline downward, which leads to the surface of the sea nutrients eventually stopped, stop production capacity of marine algae." The researchers pointed out that the global ocean did not begin to cool until the extinction of the species after the 600-700 million years, when the marine nutrients returned to normal. Kenneth said: "millions of years after the extinction event, marine nutrients reaching the ocean surface becomes weak, the water began to mix, resulting in nutrient upwelling and restoration of marine ecological environment, culminating in marine strong growth, ecological extinction events in Earth’s history the worst form cavity was completely filled." The study not only helps to explain the effects of the extinction of the ancient species, but also the long-term side effects of global warming on the oceans. (yo compile) dinosaur extinction video scientists say double blow to the extinction of Dinosaurs相关的主题文章: