Apple consider MacBook Air for the first time using Chinese made display panel 追踪309

Apple is considering MacBook Air for the first time Chinese production display panel IT home news before, Apple will use Samsung and LG from the LCD display screen in the MacBook series of products, but because Samsung appeared in the display screen capacity adjustment in the near future, supply chain sources pointed out that apple is considering the first opening of domestic display screen in MacBook products line, the selected domestic brands for the boe. BOE made apple certification in August this year to September, is expected to provide a 13.3 inch apple MacBook Air display panel in the future. Because the apple selection for suppliers is more stringent, in the two years before the BOE set up a special team to plan with Apple’s orders, after obtaining certification this year, before the end of this year will be small volume shipments. Insiders pointed out that the mainland Chinese layout panel industry, after years of a large capital investment and poaching, although the quality and yield are still to be improved, but after Taiwan, Japan and South Korea have not stopped the pace of factory, from the BOE to get into Apple’s supply chain, become the third panel suppliers, China panel factory and abroad the gap has become increasingly small manufacturers.     original title: Breakthrough: Apple MacBook Air plans to use the domestic display panel相关的主题文章: