IPhone 7 plus frequency current noise of Apple agreed to return 纪元1701

IPhone 7 Plus frequency current noise of Apple agreed to return to the Yan Tao Samsung Note7 explosion of smoke has not yet dispersed, just listing the apple iPhone 7 Plus and traced to current noise continued. Apple has not yet officially on the China business news reporter to respond to the noise source, the matter also declined to comment. But there are users that the noise of iPhone 7 Plus to get customer service detection, apple agreed to return. Just listed Jingxian current gate "recently, some netizens have broke the news on micro-blog, Post Bar, forums and social networks said, just received the goods iPhone 7 Plus suspected current annoying acoustic noise, and continued. Shanghai netizen Hu Jinwei told reporters, in September 16th, iPhone 7 listed on the same day, he could not wait to go to Shanghai an Apple authorized reseller, higher than the official website of the price the price of 1500 yuan to buy a iPhone 7 Plus. But back then found, fuselage rear camera at the creak of the current sound issued from time to time, and at the time of the photo, this sound is particularly evident. In September 18th, suspected the current sound not eliminated, Hu went to metastatic Apple stores, the staff of the machine after the detection of said mobile phone hardware itself is no problem, but the existence of abnormal sound similar to the current sound, and agreed to return. In addition, there are Beijing, Guangdong and many other users to reflect this reporter said that it received a single iPhone 7 Plus in Apple’s official website also appeared in the vicinity of the phone camera suspected current sound. Some netizens said that when I heard this voice was completely scared, but apple did not explain the origin of the sale of sound. According to media reports, foreign users have the same experience. A man named Stephen Hackett users on Twitter has released a video, and stressed that fizzed will iPhone 7 Plus at run time, followed by Apple’s PR department, former staff writer Darrel TechCrunch (Darrell Etherington) Shai Burlington also said to encounter the same problem. Apple agreed to return the reporter to contact Apple official customer service, then the other said, at present it has been a lot of mobile phone customers reflect the current sound, but the sound is in the mobile phone after the upgrade ios10, finishing due to scan the data system, and the new iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus 7 has been installed ios10 system, the probability of the current sound the very small. If the user is buying a new mobile phone appears the current sound, can go to the maintenance point for engineers in testing, no damage, can return China according to the provisions of "Three Guarantees" method. However, there are also netizens reflect, apple customer service responded that, may cause leakage or the current sound receiver problem. The reporter on the current sound causes, whether there are security risks, as well as Apple Corp to deal with this issue and other issues call, e-mail theory相关的主题文章: