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Have stomach trouble, often drink honey – Food Channel – People’s original title: there is stomach trouble, often drink honey stomach is the human digestive tract storage and digestion of food organs. In daily life, some people because of the long-term unreasonable, irregular eating habits lead to gastric mucosa damage, appear abdominal stuffiness or pain, poor appetite, nausea and vomiting, heartburn, bloating and other symptoms. In this case, in addition to taking drugs, there is no better way? Liu Jianjun, deputy director of Gastroenterology physician rocket Army General Hospital said that honey is the friend of the stomach, has an immediate effect in the treatment of stomach in patients with gastrointestinal tract disease can often drink honey. Liu Jianjun introduction, honey contains about 35% glucose, fructose, the sugar can be directly absorbed by the human body by the use of the two kinds of sugar. Honey also contains human serum concentrations similar to many kinds of inorganic salts and a certain quantity of vitamin B1, B2, B6 and iron, calcium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals, is one of the most food containing enzyme, amylase, lipase, enzyme etc.. Enzyme is to help the body to digest, absorb and a series of material metabolism and chemical changes of the "promoter", therefore, honey has to promote food digestion and assimilation. Honey consumption time is very particular about, generally in 1 to 1.5 hours before meals or after meals for 2 ~ 3 hours to eat more appropriate. Scientific research and clinical practice has proved that honey has a dual effect on gastric acid secretion, when the gastric acid secretion is too much or too little, honey can play a regulatory role, so that the normalization of gastric acid secretion. Such as: 1.5 hours before meals to eat honey, can inhibit the secretion of gastric acid; and immediately after eating honey to eat, but also stimulate the secretion of gastric acid. Warm honey water solution can reduce the gastric acidity of gastric juice diluted; cold honey solution can increase gastric acidity, and can stimulate the bowel movement, laxative. Therefore, Liu Jianjun stressed that patients with gastrointestinal diseases should be determined according to the condition of eating time. Hyperacidity or hypertrophic gastritis, especially gastric and duodenal ulcer patients, should be in 1 hour before eating honey and warm water, can inhibit gastric acid secretion and reduce gastric acid, thus reducing the stimulation of gastric mucosa, is conducive to the healing of ulcers; achlorhydria or atrophic gastritis patients should eat cold food immediately honey water. When the stomach fullness and discomfort, churning or pain, take a fresh lemon, squeeze juice, adding honey, rock sugar, boiling water temperature after drinking, after half an hour or an hour can be effective. Eat honey typical doses are: adults eat 100 grams is appropriate, up to no more than 200 grams, divided into early, middle and late three times edible, 30 in the morning to 60 grams, at 40 to 80 grams, at 30 ~ 60 grams; children’s daily consumption of 30 grams of good. For treatment, two months as a course of treatment. Storage of honey container is best to use glass and ceramics, can not be used iron, aluminum and other metal containers for a long time storage, in order to prevent the corrosion of honey in the acid container, resulting in the pollution of heavy metals contaminated honey. The use of non-toxic plastic bottles stored honey time should not be too long, the container should be placed in honey, clean, cool, ventilated and dry place. After each feeding honey, the container cover, to prevent contamination. (responsibility)相关的主题文章: