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"Partners work together to solve problems – YY rabbit leadership education picture book" – Sohu maternal should not only learn to solve problems, but also learn the methods to solve the problems; not only learn how to solve their own problems, but also learn to unite partners together to solve problems. The system of leadership education children picture books. Editor of "leadership only appeared in some children, is born, I do not have children"; "I don’t want to let my children when the leadership, do not need to develop leadership"; "leadership is houheixue, will let the children learn early power and snobbish"…… Although the children’s leadership is a kindergarten, primary school to popularize the important educational content in Europe and the United States, but in China it is still a relatively new concept, whether parents or teachers, understanding and above misunderstandings about leadership. At the same time, many parents worry that their children are often timid, introverted, easy to follow the crowd, follow the other children. They want their children to be independent, creative and independent. As everyone knows, leadership training is the best way to solve these problems. In fact, whether it is an outgoing and lively children, or shy shy children, everyone has the potential for leadership, everyone needs leadership in life. Leadership is a kind of personality influence, the ability to make yourself and the world around you better. It is the first effective self leadership, the second is to influence others, with the team to solve problems and achieve goals. For kindergarten and school children, the goal is often the result of individual efforts, such as academic achievement, talent, etc.. Therefore, leadership is easily overlooked by parents and teachers. But the adult world will be very different, in various fields of increasingly fierce competition, a lot of things is no longer rely on their own power to complete, good leaders need to successfully from the "I" and "we used to turn". In the adult world, often can see, when the smart kids will rely too heavily on their own personal ability, ignoring teamwork; smart people usually lack of patience to others, lack of tolerance. These will affect the achievement of objectives. And this is the lack of leadership performance. Quality of leadership includes intelligence, emotional intelligence, confidence, persistence, imagination and so on, a few children will show more of these traits in the early stage, but more research shows that leadership and skills can be full of inspiration and guidance, training and training in early childhood. Leadership training is very effective in enhancing children’s self-confidence and cultivating their independence and initiative. The Bing Xin prize for literature, Xinyi Picture Book Award, Taiwan children’s literature award first prize winner of reed, multiple sets of "crooked Rabbit Series" star Dangdang children’s book author Chen Mengmin, the famous writer of children’s literature for creation, the best-selling book "passing from your world" illustration of Ma Penghao lasted a year and a half elaborate illustration. Content recommendation not only to learn to solve the problem, but also learn how to solve the problem, not only to learn how to solve their own problems, but also learn to unite partners to solve the problem. This set of picture books through 10 wonderful stories, set up the task of the 10:相关的主题文章: