The girl and the mother with leukemia I want to live in the new network (Figure) 嘿嘿taxi

The girl and the mother with leukemia: I want to live (Figure) – Beijing northeast news network September 19th 26 year old Zhao Dan, grew up in the countryside, and two mentally retarded and disabled mother. When I was young, she and her mother by scavengers, an adult, she started doing odd jobs, want to rely on their own hands, let mother to live a good life for several days. But ill fated, August 14th, Zhao Dan was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, admitted to the General Hospital of oil field. Due to the urgent need for blood transfusion, the mother and daughter can not afford to pay, 5 good neighbors for Zhao Dan to donate blood 1200CC, the condition of the disease to be controlled by the, after the spontaneous contributions of the neighbors for the Zhao Dan. The neighbors who have a helping hand, Zhao Dan’s uncle constantly thanks. And with mother Zhao Dan live in Beichen 1-17 building, indoor picked up a broken wooden cabinet is the only furniture. Into the bedroom, wearing a mask lying on the bed of Zhao Dan is very haggard, mentally retarded mother since she learned that her daughter was ill, all day watching her daughter silently tears. Zhao Dan’s aunt told reporters that Zhao Dan was a poor boy, 4 years old when her parents divorced, her mother and me. Because the mother suffering from mental retardation, did not take care of the children, Zhao Dan’s aunt had helped Zhao Dan a little bit big area. Since the sensible, Zhao Dan will take care of the mother’s responsibility, from the beginning of the eight or nine year old mother, and picking up selling seeds. His hands are chapped winter, never shout a sound bitter. In order to let Zhao Dan and her mother have a house for shelter, uncles and other relatives to raise money for the mother and daughter in Beichen bought a Yishiyiting housing. With tears in her daughter’s mother always accompany the bed. The five neighbors to donate blood because only junior high school education, adult Zhao Dan can only rely on odd jobs to maintain their livelihood. We want to rely on their own hands, let the poor mother have a good day for a few days, unexpectedly in August 14th, suddenly hit. The same day, Zhao Dan suddenly felt empty, pale, then a high fever. Go to the hospital, doctors diagnosed myelodysplastic syndrome, lumbar puncture and thoracic puncture was done, and mail to Beijing detection, diagnosed with leukemia. The situation is urgent, Zhao Dan need a blood transfusion, but the mother and daughter can not afford to pay, along with the neighbors to the hospital, offered to donate blood for the 5 neighbors gave a total of 1200CC life-saving blood. Zhao Dan was thrilled to tears when he learned that the neighbors were donating blood for him. The 51 year old Ms. Kong and his daughter donated blood, she said: "this child is too poor, her primary school, her mother took her, windy day, rainy day to run, picking up a bottle of mineral water, eat not to wear on. We can not help other busy, blood donation is no problem." In between life and death with Zhao Dan’s uncle told reporters, his wife suffering from cancer, the 5 years of the two operation, the conditions are not good, help Zhao Dan Co., he intends to sell the house in Beichen to treat Zhao Dan. When the reporter interviewed Zhao Dan home, heard a knock on the door, the original is the neighbor of the house of Zhao Dan learned that she was going to Tianjin treatment, especially to give their love. Neighbor Zhao said: ")相关的主题文章: