Hebei citizens crossing the road in case of traffic accident prevention of excessive security measur sql2005安装图解

Hebei many people cross the street in a car accident insurance defensive security measures – such hidden variable hat is very dangerous to drive. The public – Shi Wei told reporters yesterday sunny, many drivers put down the sun visor, and wearing sunglasses and baseball caps to resist glare. This is a security measure to prevent accidents, but not knowing that "over defense" can turn security measures into security risks. Yesterday, an accident on Dongfeng Road was caused by the low pressure of the sun visor. Prior to this, the public Xu lady also called the newspaper, a driver because the sun hat pressure is low, blocking the signal lights, almost the zebra line of Ms. Xu hit. Yesterday 7:50 Xu, Dongfeng Road outside a school, the parents of the children are gradually dispersed. With the sound of screeching brakes, Ms. Xu, who was riding an electric car, was knocked to the ground. "Excuse me, are you okay?"" When the car stopped, the driver immediately came down from the car and apologized, and helped Ms. Xu who fell on the ground. Ms. Xu looked at the wound on her arm and couldn’t help complaining that the driver didn’t see the road. The driver Wang explained that he did not look at the road, but put a little low sun visor, and so on to see Ms. Wang and then step on the brakes, it is a bit late. "The light is too dazzling, the eyes are uncomfortable, and the sun visor is for safety. I didn’t think it happened." Wang said, immediately with the arm oozing blood Xu lady to the nearby hospital to deal with the wound. Coincidentally, Ms. Xu, a citizen, was almost hit by a car a few days ago. 14 pm the same day, Ms. Xu Yuhua Road and via the street intersection, from south to North from the zebra crossing and walk across the street. At this point, in the East and West, a car suddenly rushed toward Ms. Xu, completely ignoring the red light ahead. When Ms. Xu panicked, the car suddenly stopped and stopped beside her. When the car has touched my legs, scared me." Ms. Xu said, now think of that scene is still a lingering fear. She bear looked up and found that the driver is a lady, wearing a hat with a brim long. The driver is also very scared, she said an apology because blocking the front brim lights, not to see the red light, it almost hit Ms. xu. Yesterday afternoon, reporters in Dongfeng Road and Green Garden Street observation found that the use of shading board drivers are quite a few, there are also a few drivers wearing a sun hat when driving. A traffic police said that these improper use of safety measures, it will cause security risks. He reminded the public, the National Day holiday approaching, when you drive out, should be used as a reference, when wearing a sun visor or use the sun visor, blocking the sun at the same time, do not block the line of sight, grasp the angle, in case of accidents.

河北多市民过马路险遇车祸 防御过度安全措施变隐患 ■这样戴帽子开车很危险。市民提供   □本报记者 石维   昨日阳光明媚,不少司机放下遮阳板,还有的戴上墨镜、棒球帽等抵挡刺眼的光线。这本是预防事故的安全措施,殊不知“防御过度”却能将安全措施变为安全隐患。昨日东风路上的一起事故,就是因为司机将遮阳板压得太低所致。此前,市民许女士也曾致电本报,一位司机因为遮阳帽压得低,挡住了信号灯,险些将斑马线上的许女士撞到。   昨日7时50分许,东风路某学校门外,送孩子的家长们正渐渐散去。随着一声刺耳的刹车声,骑电动车的徐女士被撞倒在地。“对不起,您没事吧?”汽车停下,司机立刻从车上下来,一边道歉,一边扶起了倒在地上的徐女士。徐女士看了看胳膊上蹭破的伤口,忍不住埋怨司机开车不看路。司机王某解释道,自己并非没看路,而是遮阳板放得有些低,等看到王女士后再踩刹车,就有些晚了。“光线太刺眼了,照得眼睛不舒服,用遮阳板也是为了安全,没想到发生这种事。”王某说完,立刻带胳膊渗血的徐女士到附近医院处理了伤口。   无独有偶,市民许女士几天前也曾险些被车撞伤。当日14时许,许女士途经裕华路与大经街交叉口,由南向北从斑马线步行过马路。这时,东西方向一辆汽车突然快速向许女士冲过来,完全不顾前方的红灯。许女士惊慌之际,那辆汽车突然在她身边刹车停住。“当时车已经挨到了我的腿,可把我吓坏了。”许女士说,现在想起那一幕仍心有余悸。她定定神抬头一看,才发现开车的司机是位女士,还戴着一个帽檐很长的遮阳帽。女司机也很后怕,她道歉称因为帽檐遮挡了前方信号灯,没有看到红灯亮起,才差点撞到许女士。   昨日下午,记者在东风路与青园街口观察发现,使用遮光板的司机不少,也有少数司机开车时戴遮阳帽。一位交警表示,这些安全措施使用不当,的确会造成安全隐患。他提醒市民,国庆假期临近,大家驾车外出时,应以此为鉴,在佩戴遮阳帽或使用遮阳板时,挡住阳光的同时千万不要遮挡视线,把握好角度,以防发生意外。相关的主题文章: