298th lines of the control of the wolf of Wall Street 3u8813

Control lines 298th: "the wolf of Wall Street" Jordan · bearfort: sell me this pen. Jordan Belfort: me this Martin · Scorsese, "the wolf of Wall Street", 2013 lines of control of the 298th phase, this line from the "wolf of Wall Street" in the edition of the Sell. Jordan · bearfort at the age of 22 into the Wall Street Rothschild company, has accumulated a lot of experience. But in 1987, the "black Monday", the stock market crash, Jordan joined a cottage stock company, by selling to the poor junk stocks earn a lot of money earned. He gathered a group of friends, ready to start at the table, he first to a friend asked this question: how to put a pen to a person? This is a secret, Jordan by selling junk stocks, insider trading, rat and other illegal means big money, is Forbes magazine called "wolf of Wall Street", he also became a hero. Associated with the great wealth of the individual, Jordan is the decay of luxurious life, he married a beautiful wife, every day on drugs and prostitutes to stimulate their numb nerves. Jordan was eventually FBI investigation, jailed for 3 years, he was released from prison after becoming a trainer, his sales skills taught to people, his life to another peak. At the end of the film, he took out a pen and asked the same question. The answer to the pen is simple. In the film, Jordan’s friend Brad crisp has completed the task, he let Jordan on a napkin sign – and Jordan needs a pen. Understanding the needs of users, creating demand is the answer to this question. "The wolf of Wall Street" is almost "Goodfellas" story in the financial circle is a replica of Martin · another masterpiece of Scorsese, fluent and concise. The film ranked 147th in IMDB.相关的主题文章: