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The 2018 – year European tourism China launching ceremony held in Beijing – Sohu in the afternoon of October 26th, by the European travel commission, "welcome Chinese" certification organizations, zhe Italy holding contractors, the European Commission and the European travel commission members in support of the "2018 China EU tourism year" launch ceremony held a press conference at the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong in Beijing, China National Tourism Bureau of tourism promotion and international cooperation department deputy director Yang Wenting, the EU’s internal market, industry, business and the small and medium-sized enterprise general secretary general director Lowri Ms. Evans, European travel commission CEO Mr. Santander Eduardo, European operators association representatives and welcome leaders and guests attended the press conference Chinese "certification. High-level tourism reached consensus on cooperation in Sino EU cooperation in tourism, and strive to achieve win-win situation in July 2016, People’s Republic of China Premier Li Keqiang and European Commission President Juncker attended the summit opening ceremony, announced the Tourism Commission and the European China designated 2018 as "Chinese – EU tourism". "China – EU tourism year" for the European tourism industry development has brought a valuable opportunity to help further explore the Chinese market. At the same time to learn how to attract Chinese tourists to European countries, and provide them with the best overseas travel experience. In 2015 the European Chinese reception visitors exceeded ten million people, is the choice of most European countries have the Holy Chinese citizens going to travel in Asia, the European travel commission also hope to see more European tourists come to Chinese, feel the unique charm of ancient and modern Chinese. The potential of European tourism destination is huge. China’s tourism market has been paid more attention to. Because of the rapid development of the world economy and the emergence of new tourist destinations, the pattern of tourism has begun to change. The destination and tourist market of the emerging economies will promote the development of the world’s tourism industry, thereby attracting the growing share of international tourism. In this trend, China has played a very significant role. Over the past 10 years, China has witnessed an increase of more than 25 million visitors to the world, and China is now the world’s number one tourist destination in the world over the past third years. At the same time, in recent years China outbound market to exciting growth opportunities for the world’s various tourist destinations, China outbound travel in the past ten years at a double-digit rate of rapid growth, the highest record in 2015. The European Travel Commission Executive Director Eduardo Santander pointed out that the China outbound numbers in the context of the European Union, the EU in 2015 received 2% passengers China (about 10 million people), that the EU needs to do more to welcome Chinese tourists, tourists to increase China positive impression of European tourism destination. In the tourist destination in Europe, not only has beautiful city such as Paris, Rome, Budapest, there are many alternative attractions, Europe and China together has the largest number of listed by UNESCO as "World Heritage List" scenic spots and amazing natural wonders, the EU’s internal market and industry.相关的主题文章: