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200 thousand what kind of car to buy a good look at these cars have you like the Phoenix car Shenzhen shopping guide: SUV this model continues to heat, in the case of car sales decline, SUV sales continue to rise. Old SUV is still in the market service, the new models have come in the face of so many SUV models, in order to pick a favorite, the price is appropriate, can be described as dazzling. Today Xiaobian to recommend 6 SUV high price, the price of around 200 thousand, we hope to help Car Buying: 200 thousand to buy what car to look at these cars you love the unit: million models MSRP price inquiry car 4S shop Dongfeng Honda -CR-V details 17.98-24.98 1.7 small car – Volkswagen 0755-28116222 inquiry the details of the Tiguan 19.98-31.58 3.5 inquiry small car 0755-36862822 FAW TOYOTA -RAV4 details 17.98-26.98 0.5 small car 4000681313 inquiry 8590 Changan Ford 19.38-27.58 3 small car escape details inquiry 0755-25970532 Changan Mazda -CX-5 details 16.98-24.58 2.5 0755-28671999 small car inquiry Beijing Hyundai -ix35 14.98-22.28 3 small car 0755-27717628 inquiry details tab: Phoenix car Dongfeng Honda -CR-V guidance price: 17.98-24.98 000 2016 Honda CR-V 2.0L two drive version of the city of Phoenix car news price information: Recently, Phoenix area editor learned from Shenzhen Dongfeng Honda Shenye 4S shop at the store CR-V models have a small car in the sale. Car discount 17 thousand yuan, interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: CR-V latest price quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of car 2016 2.0L two drive version of the classic 17.98 16.38 inquiry of 1.60 small car 2016 2.0L two drive version of the city 18.98 17.38 inquiry of 1.60 small car 2015 2.0L EXi two flooding fashion version 19.98 18.38 inquiry 1.60 a small car 2015 2.0L EXi 4WD fashion version 20.98 19.28 inquiry of 1.70 small car 2015 2.4L VTi two drive Deluxe Edition 22.98 21.28 inquiry of 1.70 small car 2015 2.4L VTi 4WD Deluxe Edition 23.98 22.28 inquiry of 1.70 small car 2015 2.4L VTi-S 4WD GLS 24 car相关的主题文章: