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12 "the first ministerial level leader" to front-line supervision focus in the field of economic news – Sohu to go around the State Council inspection team to promote the major policies and measures to implement the State Council, starting in August this year, covering 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps and the relevant authorities of the State Council of the third major inspection. According to the working arrangements of the State Council, from September 18th to September 30th, the inspection teams to carry out on-site supervision of local and departments. Before October 10th, the inspection team will supervise the results submitted to the State Council, the general office of the State Council due to the local and departmental transfer inspection team feedback. After a lapse of a year to re start the State Council, the supervision of the inspection highlights? Compared with previous years, what are the similarities and differences? Why check? The accountability of lazy government ministers award solid work of the state inspection is a review of the work place, in order to find out problems, prescribe, promote and implement the policy to solve the problem. The inspection that why start at this point? In August 30th, the State Council issued "on the third major inspection notice" pointed out that there are still some localities and departments in depth and reform work coordination and policy supporting, measures are not in place, the existence of individual cadres lazy politics ministers and not as messy as a phenomenon, the impact of the decision to deploy landing force. This formulation is not familiar? June 2014, the State Council announced the first comprehensive inspection. Mentioned in the notification, "a lot of efforts to implement the policies and measures in place, the effect is not obvious" correct buck passing, delay and other payables Yong Zheng lazy political behavior, do not official and do things carelessly. In this regard, the inspection requirements through the decisions and arrangements of the State Council and the introduction of policy measures to implement the first mile and last mile, breaking force in the obstruction to ensure that government decrees, and promote the decision to deploy and Every order is executed without fail., policies and measures to be implemented as soon as possible, to achieve tangible results. A year later, the State Council and the supervision of "bright sword", sent inspection teams to carry out on-site inspection, to promote the Party Central Committee and the State Council major policy measures air plant. From the second major inspection situation, individual regions and departments in implementing the coordination and implementation of work is not in place, the slow problems such as major policy measures, also exist, and does not work as his resort to deceit and a very individual phenomenon. In the state of heavy governance lazy politics not as lazy political background, the inspection for the first time the accountability of administrative omission, is divided into three batches of accountability for 1456 people. Therefore, the purpose of supervision lies in political governance lazy lazy politics not as One principle runs through it all. landing force, promote the central policy in place. Moreover, in the supervision of the mobilization meeting, State Councilor Yang Jing also stressed the importance and urgency of this inspection, this year is "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, but also to promote the structural reform of the year, the economic situation is complicated and grim, arduous task of reform and development. All over the country are highly concerned about the supervision. First of all, before the inspection team in place, many provinces have been ahead of the "exam" to advance, held a special work plan. Subsequently, the inspection team and his party arrived at the destination in the first time will be affected when Ying相关的主题文章: