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0-1 year old child choking, these first aid tips – if you absolutely help Sohu mother baby eat improperly choked, suddenly unable to breathe, cry, cough, or that he might. In this case, it may be because the baby’s respiratory tract is partially blocked, making breathing or coughing difficult. Asphyxia is a complete obstruction of the airway results, also known as "choking". Children with choking rescue "prime time" is 4 minutes after 4 minutes, if the blockage cannot be discharged, the child died of asphyxiation great possibility…… Grasp the rapid first aid method, and let foreign body choking out of the respiratory tract, this for your child, perhaps it is a life-saving move, it is necessary to the novice mother and novice father to spread again. For the last two years, especially during the holidays, infant choking, such cases are not uncommon. Last July, a 7 month old baby in Shenzhen because swallowed a grape and eventually died. How to judge the child choking? 1 Blue 2 dyspnea, ribs and chest in 3 if you do not remove the foreign body is likely to cause loss of consciousness 4 cannot cry or cry loudly 5 is weak, no cough sound 6 tone change how can I stop the child choking? (a) 1 back blows to let your baby on his back, he lived with a forearm pinto. With the thigh as a support, and to maintain tilt, so that the baby’s head is lower than his (her) body. 2 use the palm of your hand between the baby’s shoulder blades to beat five. Effective blow for the cure of choking is very effective. Each interval of about 1 second. Long standing also OK, but must ensure that the baby’s head is 3 lower than the body, if you can see this obstruction, try to move it. But don’t blindly put your finger into his throat, because it is possible to make the foreign body more deeply. (two) the impact of the chest in the back slapping, also did not come out of the foreign body, to the impact of the chest. 1 if your child still can’t breathe smoothly, let him lie down onto his back and hold the head, 5 times the impact of the chest to the children’s chest. 2 the use of the two finger, press and lift, so back and forth for the second time (below the sternum, in the child’s nipple line slightly lower, almost the width of a finger) 5. 3 try to use this method to clear the barrier, rather than quickly and automatically do 5 times. 4 every time the chest impact, check your baby’s mouth to see if the squeeze out. If for 3 back blows and the impact of the chest was not clear obstructions, emergency telephone call 120. Keep back blows and the impact of the chest, until rescuers arrive. If the obstruction is removed, it is best to take the child to the hospital to review. It’s possible that the blockage is still in the esophagus, so that your baby will be hurt again. Also check to see if the other organs are damaged. How can I give my child CPR? ~相关的主题文章: